[VMware Labs] Onyx for Web Client

If you don’t know Onyx, it is a Plugin to vCenter that can show you PowerShell commands of tasks you do using the GUI. Up to now Onyx was just available to vSphere C# Client. Now it can be used for Web client too!

  • Download Onyx from here and extract it
  • Start a PowerShell console and go to extracted file directory
    • If neccesary change Execution Policy to at least RemoteSigned by running Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned in a PowerShell console as Administrator
  • Start Installation by running .\install.ps1
    • Attention: the script will stop Web Client Service!
Using Onyx

After connecting to Web Client you can see new buttons next to search field on top. The red circle starts the recording of tasks that will be converted into PowerShell commands. The PowerShell Icon gets you to the Onyx scripting window. To use Onxy do

  1. Navigate as near as possibly to the task you want to export to PowerShell commands
  2. Start recording by pressing the red cycle button
  3. Do the task(s)
  4. Click the PowerShell button to jump to scripting  window
  5. Press the Stop button on top of the window, then you see the recorded PowerShell commands.
  • Onyx for Web Client is just available for vSphere Web Client Version 6.0.0 Build 2559277
  • Onyx can also be installed in vCenter Appliance
  • The installation replaces Web Client files of your installation. This could be a problem in future releases or upgrade of Web Client. So it is highly recommended to use Onyx just in test environments.
  • Great Plugin!



[VMware Labs] Onyx for Web Client

[VMware Labs] VisualESXtop

This is the first post of a new series of useful tools you can find at VMware Labs.

VisualEsxtop is a graphical interface that can show data of an ESXi Host like esxtop. You can use it in Windows and Linux OS.

  • Download the software here and unzip it.
  • Add java path (for windows it´s probably like C:\Program Files\VMware\jre\bin)  to %path% respectively $path.
  • run vtop.bat respectively vtop.sh.
  • Click File and Connect to Live Server to logon to an ESX Host.
  • Look at esxtop data without connecting ssh console.
  • You can also show charts not just digits.
  • Exporting data is just a mouse-click.
  • You can show more hosts within on instance of visualESXtop.
  • In current version VMware adds support to vSphere 5.5. At a first glance it also works with 6.0.
[VMware Labs] VisualESXtop